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  • Brittani Alix

Don’t let the internet tell you what you should be doing during the pandemic.

Hey everyone,

I have allowed so much time to past without making a post and I have been down on myself about it. I have so many blog posts sitting in my drafts, but it has been hard to sit down and finish them. Partly, because I am a perfectionist. If it isn’t how I want it, I get overwhelmed and jump to the next task. This eventually leaves me with so many unfinished tasks/projects. I, of course, plan to change this but I have to so much that floats around in my head to get done.

I pride myself on transparency on my blog, so I have got to be honest. Before this pandemic, my focus was on launching other businesses that had been pushed to the back burner. But with work, it became extremely hard to do that as well. I went on spring break from work on March 6th and haven’t been back since. So for this entire month, I have been working extremely hard towards goals that were set but never actually accomplished. Then eventually I stopped working on those goals, and slowly pushed a lot of it to the side, AGAIN.

I am so hard on myself and sometimes I get down on myself. I realized the problem is I do a lot of useless scrolling on social media and my focus has been geared towards promoting only on social media. This has taken all of my energy and has not allowed me to truly let all my creativity truly flow. Moral of the story, during this month, I have been all over the place. I started off with going in strong with everything on my to do list. My goal was to knock everything out since I had the time off, but I got burned out quicker than I would while I working. Yes, I have begged for time off, I cried for time off, I cried for a true break and finally got it. And I had to take advantage of it.

A month has passed. Now it’s time to get up.

I noticed my patterns and this week I decided to change my habits because I saw myself enjoying my time off too much. Sleeping in, binge-watching shows on Netflix, scrolling through social media and so much more. So starting this week and going forward I will limit my time on social media. I will learn to balance my time accordingly so I won’t grow stagnant, lazy, bored or restless. I have noticed a change in getting things done just by changing my behaviors and balancing everything accordingly. I am going to be honest, even though I found myself being slightly unproductive, I was able to truly rest and relax my mind without focusing on my full time job or doing something for my businesses. I needed that more than anything to be truly productive with results.

I saw a quote floating around that said “we should be using this time to create a business, write a book, learn a new skill, and be productive. If you arent doing one of these things then you’re wasting time.” Essentially this quote reads as if you aren’t launching a business right now you are flat out lazy. While I agree with the the beginning portion of the quote, I also felt that it was necessary for me to disconnect from my daily routines and to simply RELAX, because I will NEVER get this time again. Once I noticed that I was becoming unproductive, I changed what I did not like. The internet is trying to convince people to create businesses when they aren’t even professional or business-minded (but that’s another conversation for another time, lol). Again, I agree that this is the perfect time to work on those things, but for those like myself, I enjoy the downtime because I NEVER GET IT.

A quote that resonated with where I am mentally is “The world is currently pausing for you to reset, prioritize, and get clear on your purpose. This is the time you’ve asked for, are you using it wisely or losing it.” This is more geared to me because I needed that reset, I needed to prioritize and I needed to get clear on my REAL purpose. But first, I had to rest and relax. And it is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Essentially, I say all this to say. I am enjoying the time away from work, I have gotten so much more done this week than before and I am okay with that. Want to know why? Because I am fully rested. I have been able to do a complete brain dump, where I have listed all my goals and tasks that I need to complete. Whether they are personal, work, or business-related, I wrote them all down and started to conquer them one by one. I used my new “Ultimate Goal Diggers Planner,” to do this and even though it is my own product it helped me truly get myself together. That is solely why I created it.

Do not let the internet tell YOU, what YOU should be doing during the pandemic. Most of us needed this break more than others. Do what you can to protect your peace, find your purpose, and stay safe!

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