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  • Brittani Alix

Art and Vibez Lounge

This past Saturday, we celebrated my friends birthday at a Black Owned Painting studio, called Art and Vibez Lounge. Think of painting with a twist but with 1000 times better. Black owned. Hands on instructors, great music, and GREAT VIBES.

Art and Vibez Lounge, a paint and sip studios, has been open for four months. The paint and sip studio was curated because the owner felt that there weren’t many places for our people to vibe and paint. You can tell by the way the lounge is set up that there was so much thought and detail put into opening the studio. The painting studio/lounge is definitely for the culture! It’s a mixture of 90s music, today’s music, and trap music. All my faves, lol!

The moment I walked in, it was definitely a vibe. The music, the artwork, the instructors, everything about it was amazing. I knew I wanted to return even before I finished my painting. I’m extremely hard on myself and I’m a perfectionist, so I struggled with the painting but the instructors were extremely hands on and friendly. And they even turned up with us! They were so nice and helpful. I definitely will be returning and I encourage you all to do so as well. It is BYOB and you can bring food. They have a playlist playing while your painting, which was filled with a variety of different tunes. An occasional twerk or two happened too. 🤣

I am suggesting everyone check them out and patronize their business. They host public and private parties. I plan to host a private party here soon, stay tuned guys!

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