• Brittani Alix

Goal Diggers Brunches 2019

This year has been great for me! I started a business venture of mines that allows me to empower, and assist with branding for other local brands. In honor of my love for women’s empowerment, I will continue to have these types of events. I will begin 2019 with two events! First will The Second Annual Goal Diggers Brunch in Houston, and second will be The Goal Diggers Brunch in Dallas, Texas. I am only looking for a few vendors for these events due to the level of intimacy I am looking for. Click the flyers below for more details or visit TheMakingsofB.eventbrite.com for more details on future events. Please email info@themakingsofb.com if you are interested in being a vendor.

Goal Diggers Brunch 2019

Dallas Brunch Save The Date


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