• Brittani Alix

Goal Diggers – Sip and Shop “Business Shower” 2018


This summer I launched my first Goal Diggers Events, Goal Diggers Brunch & it was a huge success! Everything about the event surpassed my vision. I decided to take it to another level and have my Goal Diggers – Sip and Shop “Business Shower.” The mission, goal, and purpose were the same but the event was a little different. My brunch had guest speakers, vendors, and brunch. My sip and shop event was strictly about my vendors! That is why I called it a business shower because I showered the business owners with light and love.

I did something different for this event. My number one goal was to have the spotlight solely on my 20+ Vendors. I allowed them to speak briefly about their business and I didn’t even tell them I planned on doing this. Why? Because I didn’t want them to rehearse a generic speech, I wanted them to be as real and as transparent as possible. With having a business you have to be prepared to speak about your brand and yourself at any time. They all actually appreciated this and those who had been vendors at other events expressed they never have been given the opportunity to introduce themselves and their brand. My goal with my Brand, Business & my Events is to EMPOWER, ENLIGHTEN, ENCOURAGE & BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. I am so excited to help other women for future events, this is something I truly enjoy doing.

Below are my featured Vendors:

  1. Henna Tattoos @Henna Confidential

  2. Caterer @O’TasteAndSee

  3. Treats @Sugar Shock Shop

  4. Mobile Bartender @Rosalias Mobile Bar

  5. Jewelry @Styles of Royalty

  6. V-Steams & Eyelash Extensions @My Pink Fortress

  7. Women Empowerment Statement Tees @JonaeNicole

  8. Virgin Hair Extensions and more @Lashae Virgin Hair

  9. Beauty Supply @Hair Lab Beauty Supply

  10. Lashes and Make-up Artist @Maison De Glam

  11. Handcrafted Sugar Scrubs @Oh So Sweet Scrubs

  12. Handbags and accessories @Dreas Collection

  13. Handmade Jewelry @Libra Girl Accessories

  14. Handmade Body Creams @Belle Peau Fonce

  15. Vanity Mirrors @Vivavicous Vanity

  16. Pure Romance @Cassandra Cruz

  17. Jewelry and Home Goods @Shop Mantra Boutique

  18. Custom Apparel @D Maison Appareaux

  19. Teeth Whitening @The Whitening Lab

  20. Handmade soaps, candles, and body scrubs @Cleanse My Soul Soaps

  21. Everything Nice Jewelry and Scarves