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Margaritaville – Nyla’s Birthday Celebration Part Two

Covid-19 impacted my daughters birthday celebration, but because I’m THAT mom who will still find a way out of no way, I did just that!

Part one of Nyla’s birthday celebration was at the Franklin Safari Drive Thru in Franklin, Texas. Part two was at Margaritaville Resort in Conroe, Texas. The grand finale was a drive by and virtual zoom birthday party, where we played games!

For part two of Nyla’s birthday party we visited Margaritaville in Conroe, Texas. Margaritaville is new to Texas but the resort isn’t new. I visited the resort when it was Latoretta a few years ago. It was beautiful then but I knew Margaritaville would be even more amazing. And it surely was.

I rented the room for one night and let me daughter pick two friends. She picked my niece and my little sister. I knew I wanted to let the girls swim and enjoy every aspect of the resort. But, I also had games planned for us as well. The resort was extremely safe and had taken the necessary steps to abide by the CDC’s social distancing guidelines.

The resort had more than enough to keep us occupied with restaurants on site, free parking, and endless swimming activities. I didn’t have to leave! We had movie night at the pool and the girls didn’t even want to get out lol. It was fun for the girls and relaxing for me. So many pools and a lazy river, with a view of Lake Conroe right behind us. Maragaritaville is about 45 mins outside of Houston. It is worth the drive, especially if you are looking for a quick getaway. 

I can’t wait to go back, I would definitely give this place a 10/10. I didn’t get to capture many pics, but please enjoy the pics and videos I was able to capture, below. 🙂

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