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  • Brittani Alix

Newest Sponsor for EWOFP

The Makings of B is now an official sponsor for EWOFP, which stands for “Empowered Women of Faith & Purpose Inc.” When looking for organizations to collaborate with none really resonated with me. A friend of mines shared their information with me and the rest is history! The reason I am extremely excited to be a sponsor for this organization is that of what they represent and who they help. They help single mothers, which is something that is close to my heart because I am one myself. I want to help single mothers better themselves in any way I can. With my women’s empowerment events, this organization coincides with my vision perfectly.

EWOFP’S MISSION: Help Single Mother families develop or enhance their self-sufficiency.

EWOFP’S VISION: Serve, share, and create resources for our recipients.

EWOFP’S PURPOSE: Together building opportunities while generating success for our recipients.

At all future events, there will be an opportunity to make donations. All donations will be contributed to EWOFP.

Below are two upcoming events we have for donations. Email me if you would like to contribute in any way at

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