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PURPOSED MAG – VOL II: Fear, Faith, Failure.

As you all know, this past June I was featured in a new and upcoming digital magazine called Purposed Magazine. Purposed Mag, has since released their second volume and I had the pleasure of being apart of it again!

The theme for Volume II was Fear, Faith, and Failure. In this volume, I touched more on my fear of failure and how it has lead me to be a perfectionist. It wasn’t until I actually started writing for this volume that I did this subconsciously. This volume definitely opened up a barrier of myself I did not know I had. My fear of failure has allowed me to stay in situations I knew I didn’t belong in. It kept me in situations I knew I needed to grow from. Once I realized failure is inevitable in life, I have been able to grow as a person. Failure comes in all forms, whether it is with relationships, friendships, situations, etc., it is inevitable.

“Failure is inevitable in life. It builds character. It builds strength. It builds courage. It builds hope.”

Purposed Mag has created an outlet for me to express my journey and motivate others. What also makes my feature special is that Purposed Magazine is a digital magazine where a group of young black content creators have come together and created something so dope! VOL LL: Fear, Faith, and Failure. Purposed Magazine is full of greatness from fellow creatives. Please check it out and support the movement, it will be a quarterly feature and your support is greatly appreciated.

With that being said, Purposed Mag is open for Guest Contributors. This is such a great platform for creators! With this online digital magazine, I’ve been able to share my story with an audience I would have never touched before and connect with fellow content creators!

If you are an artist, blogger, vlogger, writer, photographer, business owner, etc, this is the platform for you! All submissions are due by December 25th, email for further details! Tell them Brittani sent you.

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