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Upcoming Goal Diggers Events for 2019

Goal Diggers Events JPEG

Below is a comprehensive list of the remaining events in 2019 for Goal Diggers Events. Click the flyers for ticket information and details regarding the events. Please email me at should you have any additional questions or concerns, or if you’re interested in being a vendor or sponsor (Register here).


  1. The Zone Away Business Retreat has been postponed to 2020

  2. Goals with Girlfriends: Happy Hour Session has been postponed as well so I can celebrate graduating from graduate school.

  3. The Second Annual Goal Diggers – Sip & Shop “Business Shower” has a new date of November 17th.

  4. The Second Annual Goals with Girlfriends Vision Board Party is still scheduled to be December 7th.

Get Tickets for all future events here

Goals with Girlfriends: Girls Night In – Passion Party

Zone Away: Austin – Business Retreat from October 25-27, 2019. For more details visit

Goal Diggers Second Annual Sip & Shop “Business Shower” – November 2019

Goals with Girlfriends: Second Annual Vision Board Party – December 2019

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