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Working Women Wednesday’s (WCW) – Kayla Mickens of Lashae Virgin Hair

This is my rendition of Women Crush Wednesday’s. I coined this term over a year ago with recognition to myself instead of being someone’s “Woman Crush Wednesday.” I love seeing all the hardworking ladies, who work, go to school, take care of their families and are building their brand or career. I see you all working hard and I want to acknowledge you all! Working Women Wednesday’s is an interviewing session where I interview women who I feel are true Bosses. I am all about empowering and promoting other women. I will post my selection of my Women Crush Wednesday’s, every Wednesday, once a month. I want to continue to promote, build and empower women while showcasing their brand. This will be done monthly and will showcase women who I feel are truly amazing. The ultimate goal is to highlight their successes and showcase their brand. If you have anyone you would like to nominate email me at Check back every month for our newest feature.

Our First WCW goes to Kayla Mickens of Lashae Virgin Hair LLC, based out of Houston, Texas. I selected Kayla as my first WCW simply because I love how hard she works. Kayla is super sweet, and an amazing businesswoman. I love how each detail of her brand shows she is truly passionate about what she does. Kayla even created my logo for The Makings of B, she is an Entrepreneur with a variation of talents and businesses, all while working full-time, being a mother and wife. I have worked closely with Kayla numerous amounts of time and I believe she has everything it takes to be a powerhouse.


So Kayla, tell me a little more about yourself.

Believer of Christ, Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, Teacher, and Owner of LaShae Virgin Hair are just a few words to introduce the makings me, Kayla Naomi. I was born in Denver Colorado but raised in Houston Texas. I am 28 years old and a female CEO on the rise. I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice with a Specialization in Juvenile Justice and Minor in Social work. My love for Children and helping individuals in needed me to obtain a career as a Social Worker, Special Education Teacher and pursue a Masters degree in Psychology.


Tell me more about your company, Lashae Virgin Hair.

LaShae Virgin Hair LLC is a Virgin hair store and Boutique that believes every woman is a Queen. LaShae Virgin Hair Celebrates women unity and embraces self-love. It is the mission of the company to provide All women with products that will help them feel confident. LaShae Virgin Hair takes pride in providing customers with 100% Premium Quality hair and outstanding customer service. The origin of our signature hair derives from South India’s city of Chennai. I believe that the quality of hair should match the confidence of the woman wearing it.

What made you start Lashae Virgin Hair?

Despite my love for teaching and helping others in need, it was during my time as an undergrad student that led me to develop a passion for Fashion and Hair. I took on installing hair extensions as a hobby for all my friends. Driven by the desire to see women have a stronger sense of confidence and self-acceptance, I vowed to one day own a company that would promote women empowerment and self-love.

Did you face any adversities growing up, or even in your adulthood? If so, tell us about them and how you overcame them?

I can remember a time when I struggled with self-confidence. As a woman, it is easy to allow society to tell us what we should look like, how we should dress, and who we should be. Looking for love in all the wrong places can strip women away from the very essence that God intended for us to be. Strong, but yet delicate, and Confident in my opinion are the core to women.  However, without confidence, the foundation is destroyed. Leaving a woman to feel inadequate. Once I learned to value and love myself despite my imperfections, my foundation was solid. Which allowed my core to manifest and evolve!

What are your short term and long term goals?

I plan to serve my community by helping women that have suffered from traumatic situations develop a strong foundation and core. I want my company to inspire change and help women develop confidence!  My long term goals for my company is to eventually open a storefront that will one day turn into a franchise, that will allow other women the opportunity to pursue their goals.


Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs, do you prefer a “9-5,” Entrepreneur life, or Both?

Although it is necessary to have individuals engage in a 9-5 work setting, I prefer the Entrepreneur life. As an Entrepreneur, the possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit. However, the amount of time spent pursuing your own business may equal to or outweigh the amount of time spent working a 9-5 job. Despite the long hours spent, tears cried, no’s you will hear, and doors that may not open it is all worth it to watch the hard work and many efforts unfold into a masterpiece. Nothing in life worth having is ever easy. But as long as you believe in yourself and with God on your side the impossible becomes possible!

Entrepreneurship takes a great deal of hard work and passion. What have you accomplished so far that you are most proud of? What is something you could work on more?

Making the decision to start my business and actually pursuing it is one accomplishment I am most proud of. The odds were against me because I was a single mother at the time, no one in my family had ever run a business, and I didn’t have much experience or knowledge about where to start. However, I had a dream and God had the plan! Although my story journey and story is still being written. I know that victory and success is ahead. One thing I think I can work on more would be learning how to give myself more credit.

What are some tips or advice you could share with anyone who may want to follow the same career path as you?

I would tell anyone starting their own business to allow God to lead them in every step and decision made from start to finish! Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Crist who strengthens me!

How can fellow readers reach you?

  1. Website:

  2. Phone Number: (832) 253-3788

  3. E-mail Address:

  4. Business Instagram: @lashaevirginhair

  5. Business Facebook:

  6. Personal Instagram: @pictureperfectme411

  7. Personal Facebook: Kayla Naomi Mickens


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