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Working Women Wednesday’s (WCW) – Re’Jhae Alcorn of Shades with Faith

This Month’s #WCW goes to Re’Jhae Alcorn of Shades with Faith. I met Re’Jhae at my First Annual Sip & Shop last year and she was so sweet. Since then she was a vendor at my Second Annual Goal Diggers Brunch and has continuously supported all of my endeavors. She is a Go-Getter, she supports others, she is there for everyone, and everyone LOVES HER. She is a mother to a sweet four-year-old named Raylan Faith. She is extremely passionate about what she does and passionate about not only helping others but giving back and truly enjoying her life. She balances a successful sunglass business while working, creating and curating events, creating new business ventures while being a Mother and living her best life. I am truly excited to see where her brand goes. Not to mention, I truly consider her like a little sister. She reminds me so much of myself and that is why I wanted to feature her this month. Yall better stay tuned for her, her drive, determination, and support for others is why she continues to excel! Enjoy our short but sweet interview, with this month’s #WCW.


So Re’Jhae, may you give a few details about yourself?

Hi, my name is ReJhae, some call me Jhae. I was born in raised in Houston, TX. My family is from Shreveport, LA. I have a 4-year-old daughter name, Raylan Faith. We share the same birthday.


Tell me more about Shades with Faith and where the name came from?

My business name is Shades with Faith. I sell sunglasses. I have been in business, selling sunglasses for over a year now. My business name came from my daughter middle name. She’s my world. I have always said this ” Faith has no limits”.

Where did the idea come from to start Shades with Faith?

I started the business Shades with Faith because I love sunglasses. People use to always ask me where did I get my sunglasses from. I know ladies love wearing sunglasses, we love fashion. I did my research on the glasses. I also host pop shops. I have pop shops to give small businesses the opportunity to network with people in Houston. Speaking of giving back, Re’Jhae is having a Backpack Drive. Check out the flyer and details below!  I will be hosting a backpack drive for America’s Heart Foster /Adoption agency. This is a Family Sunday Funday event! There will be sack racing, 3 leg racing, tug of war, egg racing, and water activities. Come out and donate a backpack, supplies or a white uniform shirt.


I love that you are doing the backpack drive. Giving back is something I believe we all should do. You talked about your events and your sunglass business, what is next for you? Short term and Long term.

My short and long term goals are to finish school soon. I’m going to school for Radiology Tech with Lone Star College. I want to keep on bettering myself to being a better mother to my daughter. I will like to one day be able to design my own sunglasses. I also just bought a sewing machine. I will be learning how to make clothes this year. I will also like to keep on hosting events in the future.

Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs, do you prefer a “9-5,” Entrepreneur life, or Both?

I prefer the entrepreneur life. I enjoy networking, brings so much excitement to me. I love that I’m able to meet so many amazing people while networking. I sit at work every day writing down things I will like to do.


In life, we all go through things, but it is how we overcome them that makes us stronger. I also see these moments in our lives as reasons to uplift and encourage others. Did you face any adversities growing up, or even in your adulthood? If so, tell us about them and how you overcame them?

Of course, I have face things in my life that I have overcome, especially with being an adult. I believe that’s when things are thrown at us. Being a single mother is something I deal with every day, to be honest, but my daughter keeps me going. Every time I’m about to have a major event something major happens to me. Last year my parents separated, it affected me but I put all my energy into Sunday Funday. This year my grandfather passed at the end of February, I put all my energy into Friday night live. I believe every time we are about to level up in life, we meet a new devil. Just have to learn to kick the devil butt and not allow him to kick your butt.

What have you accomplished so far that you are most proud of? What do you think you can work on more?

In 2018, I was very proud of how my sunglasses kicked off, I had a great year with that. Earlier this year, I hosted a pop shop called Friday Night Live and it was amazing! I had live performances, 27 vendors, art, food, and etc., it was a  great turn out. For the future, I would like to work on being more open-minded to other opinions of myself. I would like to work on not taking everything personal this year.

What are some tips or advice you could share with anyone who may want to follow the same career path as you?

To make sure to do your research. Do something that you’re passionate about. If you’re not passionate about it, you will not enjoy it.


How can fellow readers reach you?

  1. Website:

  2. E-mail Address:

  3. Phone Number:  (832) 706-6601

  4. Business Instagram: @ShadesWithFaith

  5. Personal Instagram: @RejhaeCymone

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