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Allow me to Reintroduce Myself

WOW! My life has changed so much over the past few months. 2018 has been  TRULY great to me! Everything I wanted to do, I have, and if I haven’t yet, it is because it is still in the planning stages. I have given myself the nickname “Mompreneur,” because I feel that I do so much, and plan to do so much more. I do not allow being a single mother stop me from doing anything I want. I really hate that term, by the way, no offense. I never EVER allowed my circumstances of being a single mother to be a crutch. I saw what I needed to do for my daughter and never expected any handouts.

The past few months, I talked about giving energy and time to someone else (A Giving Hand, read here), to where I forgot about my OWN goals. Everything I wanted to do was placed on the back burner, because of ME. I am such a giving person and that will never change. I stayed in situations that were not good for me, just to fill that void. This is what leads to unhappiness, and I learned that after awhile. However, I have so much that I want to accomplish, and I have done just that recently. Ending certain relationships have allowed me to be the best version of myself. The moment I decided to put myself first, my whole life started to change before my eyes. I worked two jobs for almost a year to get where I am today, and I accomplished EVERYTHING I WANTED, PLUS MORE! I was able to quit my second job in March, and fund so many of my businesses, clear my debt, and save without hurting my pockets!


I like to call myself a MOMPRENEUR, and here are the reasons why:

I am a Full-Time Cheer Mom (soon to be gymnastics and swim as well, lol). I work Full-Time in Higher Education, and I am currently an online Graduate Student at Louisiana State. I plan to have my Masters no later than Summer 2019. My Masters will be in, Educational Research and Higher Education Administration. My ultimate goal is to become a Dean of Student Services. When I am outside of work, I have so much more I love to do.

I am a Lifestyle & Inspiration Blogger/Influencer. I started blogging when I was 19, The Makings of B, was always the name I have used and it has stuck with me, now more than ever, since I am now 28. My blog is about my life experiences in all. I plan to continue to share, the good, the bad, and everything in between on my website and blog.

I am a Brand Strategist. Being a Brand Strategist is where I create Brand Content and provide Image & Brand Consulting for your business or brand.  I help in the following areas: resume and cover letter assistance, brand development, image consulting, logo designing, brand flyers & banners, website design, product labels, product launches, etc. My overall goal is to help you build your brand and to also create and critique areas you may need assistance in. I have always helped friends, revamp their resumes and cover letters, as well as assisting with interviewing “do’s and don’ts”. I decided to turn this into something I do all the time because it is what I am passionate about. I have been apart of several hiring committees, and I know what committees are looking for. When it comes to Image Consulting, I can help you make your resume stand out, and also your appearance for your interview. I also create and design my own flyers, logos, business cards, etc. Any web design I do on my own, I even began to help my friends make their flyers and logos. I have decided to extend this branch and help anyone who is not HTML savvy. I create content to help your brand, and I assist with image consulting for you and your brand.

I am an Event Coordinator. For all your party wants and needs, I am the go-to. At work, I was in charge of party planning and coordinating, and for all of Nyla’s parties, I put together everything on my own. This is something I have done for years, and plan to do so for years to come. My first event with my Frugal Fun Events business will be my Goal Diggers Brunch this summer. My brunch is all about Women’s Empowerment, and there will be vendors, guest speakers, and networking. I am excited to get women together who are building themselves and their brand like myself. I help relieve the stresses of party planning and work with creative like minds, like myself.

In Summary, I guess you could say I am Nyla’s Mom first, a grad student, who works full time and blogs, assists with image consulting for you or your brand, and I help coordinate events. I still try to find time to have “fun.” Lately, this has been so easy to do. I turned away from all of the negativity that was draining me and set out to accomplish things that I LOVE TO DO. I am excited about other things I have planned, I just cannot share until they are done. 🙂


These fun photos were taken by my great friend, Jasmia Hardeman. @perfectlyposedphotography

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