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  • Brittani Alix

Services for Brand Development, Coaching, Consulting, and Marketing

Being a Brand Strategist consists of Business & Personal Coaching, Brand Content Creating, Image Consulting, and Marketing. I help in the following areas: resume and cover letter assistance, brand development, image consulting, logo designing, brand flyers & banners, website design, product labels, product launches, etc. My overall goal is to help you build your brand and to also create and critique areas you may need assistance in. I have a background in marketing and branding, and I help with pushing your brand to the fullest potential.

Do you need assistance with creating or updating your resume? Do you need a cover letter? Maybe you feel both may not be strong enough to get you the job you may be looking for. Well, I got you covered! December 2019, I will have my Masters of Arts with a specialization in Educational Research and Higher Education Administration. I have a Bachelors of Arts with a specialization in Corporate Communication, meaning resumes and cover letters are something I am all too familiar with. Resumes and Cover Letters are one of my main specialties based on several courses I have taken and the success rate I have with assisting others. I can assure you with all of my training and development, the courses I have taken, and the experience I have I can get the winning Resume and Cover Letter. I also can assist with interviewing questions/answers you may need to be prepared for. I am apart of a hiring committee at my job, and I even completed a whole course required for my degree in interviewing.

Please email me at to get started or if you would like further details! My price list is below, and payment is due before services are rendered. Once we finalize what services are needed, an invoice will be sent via email client provides. Please allow up to 7-10 business days for any services to be completed.

  1. Updating Your Cover Letter: $20-$25 +

  2. New Cover Letter: $30-$35 +

  3. Updating Your Resume: $50 +

  4. New Resume: $75 +

  5. Interviewing Assistance: $15-$25 +

  6. Letter of Recommendations (with letterhead): $15-$25

  7. Logo Design: $40 +

  8. Brand Flyers/Banners: $40 +

  9. Business Cards: $40 + for 100, $75 + for 250, $150 + for 500. This price includes shipping, and designs. Not included are extra designs/shapes and expediting fees.

  10. Web Design: $200 + for 4 pages, plus one month of maintenance, if needed.

  11. Event Planning Assistance: Base fee $150 +, with a consultation/deposit fee of $50 that goes towards the final balance.

  12. Brand Development and Coaching: Prices vary, please email for inquiries.

Are the services you need not listed? Please feel free to contact me, I am sure I can help. I am ready to help you build your brand!

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